French style bouquets made in California_the story behind the flowers


From Paris to Newport Beach, Nolwenn, the owner of Cabane, delivering beautiful sustainable French style flowers to your doorstep

My name is Nolwenn, I am French. Originally from Brittany, I lived in Paris and Biarritz before moving to sunny Newport Beach with my family 3 years ago.

Flowers have always had a special place in my heart, from the hydrangeas and the forget-me-nots in my grandmother's garden to the fresh bouquets I would buy from the market every Saturday and craft for my home or my friends.

When I moved to Southern California, I could not find the aesthetics and experiences I was looking for and craved. So I decided to learn how to make my own arrangements “à la française” (French style). What started as a hobby grew into a passion for floral design and a wish to offer a modern, stylish, artistic and poetic flower experience. I decided to start Cabane to share with you the beauty of flowers inspired by art, fashion, travel and nature. 

French-inspired, California Made, our bouquets are effortlessly chic with a organic, garden-picked feel. All arrangements are hand crafted in our studio in Newport Beach.

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About us Cabane sustainable flower delivery in California. We hand-craft beautiful French style bouquets and deliver blooming emotions to your doorstep.

We tell flower stories 

Cabane is for the dreamers, those of you who want that little pinch of poetry and magic in your life.

At Cabane we partner with a community of artists to create unique stories and experiences with flowers. 

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Making a conscious choice

We are also strong advocates for a sustainable way to enjoy flowers. We are part of the #slowflower movement, we only use US-grown flowers and all our packaging is eco-friendly #noplastic. 

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What does Cabane [kaban] means? 

Cabane [kaban] is a combination of my kids name. It also means treehouse in French.

My Cabane is a dream-like sanctuary. A place set in an imaginary garden, with lush vegetation and wildflowers, it’s filled with soft and warm rays of the sun, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and warm bread. 

Cabane is a place where life slows down. The days are spent reading books, listening to music, wandering at the nearby farmer’s market. It is enjoying a picnic on the grass and building memories with friends chatting the night away around the dinner table. Flowers are everywhere, in every room, in every detail, and in every memory.

And you, what's your Cabane like ?